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Glue Dots – And Their Many Makes Use Of
What a beautiful invention! Glue dots are pressure delicate, double-sided adhesive dots that bond instantly to virtually any surface. They can be utilized in a variety of functions, from temporary fast fixes around your house or office, or for inventive uses, equivalent to Scrapbooking, Card Making and School Crafts. They are a safer and less messy different to hot glue weapons or liquid adhesives. Glue Dots are acid free and can be utilized on images or particular documents.

Glue Dots are 1/2" in diameter and come in rolls and dispenser boxes. In most cases they can be utilized manually, nevertheless, a glue dot dispenser could make for easier software particularly for industrial or industrial use.

Dot-N-Go Applicator
Dot-N-Go glue dots are 3/eight" in diameter and have 200 dots per hand-held dispenser – very portable and handy for all your projects! They come in both removable and permanent dots.

Glue Dots Being Used
Some examples of commercial uses for Glue Dots include sealing food & beverage cartons, applying credit cards or samples to mailings, signal & display manufacturing, and material dealing with & shipping.

Advantages of Glue Dots

- Bonds instantly
- No drying timeDot Pictures Applicator
- Adheres to a wide range of surfaces
- Could be removable or everlasting
- Much less mess than liquid adhesives
- Safer than hot glue guns

Types of Glue Dots

Glue Dots are available in a variety of profiles and tack.

Profile refers back to the thickness of the glue dot. Low is good for flat surfaces, while medium or high profiles work higher on irregular surfaces.

Tack refers to the power of the adhesive. Low or medium may be able to be eliminated while high or super high tack would be permanent on most surfaces.

Use your imagination! The subsequent time you have a craft project, a presentation or are adorning your house for a party, think of glue dots! The chances are finishless!


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